The rules of conduct are set by our escort agency to ensure that the customers abide by the rights of the sex workers and to ensure that all sex workers maintain proper hygiene while conducting business.

The following rules of conduct for customers are posted to all websites used by the escort agency to conduct business:

Sex workers may always refuse a customer or a sexual act.

Customers should never force a sex worker to perform or comply with unsafe sex practices.

Customers and operators are forbidden from forcing sex workers to drink alcohol.

Sex workers have the right to be tested for STD’s and to get treatment.

Clients are advised to follow the 10 Golden Rules for a safe and professional sexual encounter.

Sex workers will be advised to decline service when linens in hotel or client’s homes appear unclean.

The escort agency encourages all sex workers to refuse sexual acts if they suspect that the customers have an STD.

Clients can also report a crime, including possible human trafficking, illegal drug sales and

robbery while remaining anonymous using the Foundation M. service at 0800-7000.