Sexual fitness

If you’re chasing the perfect orgasm that can drive men crazy with lust, making them look for you for a second date, then there’s a little thing called sexual fitness that you need to try.

Sexual fitness is all about working a couple of little-known muscles that play a major role in intensifying orgasms for both partners and in introducing you to bed-braking sex. Identify these naughty muscles and learn how to tone them, for your vagina to be tighter and your client’s orgasms mind blowing.

What not many know is that by toning the muscles in the pelvic area you obtain an increased muscle mass, this resulting in a greater blood flow in the area and this translates into an increased sensibility to external stimulus – a.k.a better and more intense orgasms.

1. Exercise your PC muscles

The PC muscles are the ones that are encircling the anal and vaginal openings, is a hammock like group of muscles that contract during orgasm, making the sensations even more intense.

The PC muscles can be toned by doing Kegels, exercises involving the repeated movement of contracting and relaxing the muscles, like the movement you do when stopping the urine flow. A correct Kegel implies contracting the PC muscles while counting to three and then relaxing them for another three seconds. Repeat that 20 to 30 times.

Combine these Kegel moves with more rapid ones, by squeezing and relaxing the muscles in a pulsation movement.

2. Breathing exercises for better orgasms

The way you breath is directly linked to the quality of your orgasm! Sounds crazy? Well, it’s not, and this is the simple explanation: when we breath calmly we enjoy the orgasm more, than when we tend do hold our breath.

How many of you tend to hold their breath when approaching orgasm? You are one of those people, aren’t you?

In that case, this is what you can do: learn to breath properly and try to do that during sex. The exercises are simple, and you can do them while lying on your back, on the bed: breath in, filling the belly with air and then, slowly exhale, repeat this belly breathing technique a couple of times, breath normally, and then start it all over again.

By learning hot to control your breathing, you get to enjoy the complete bliss of orgasming.

3. The “wall-sit” for G-spot stimulation

The “wall-sit” move does wonders, stimulating your G-spot, especially when you’re on top. All you need to do is lean back against a wall with your torso touching the wall, knees bent and the thighs parallel to the floor. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and try to gradually increase this time to two minutes.

You will see the advantages next time you’re with a client and he manages to stimulate your G-spot while you’re on top of him.

Taking care of your orgasms is almost an obligation, if you want to keep your body healthy, your clients satisfied and your mind relaxed and emanating positive energy. So, ladies take the matter of orgasming into your own hands because when you come, he will surely come too and will also experience a deep feeling of pride and confidence.

What other exercises are you trying at home, to tighten up that vagina of yours? Please, do share, because we are eager to learn new tricks!